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Spring 2007B (Vol. 19:2, Series No. 38)

As Simple as ABC?: Behavior Change as a Response to HIV/AIDS in Uganda and Kenya
by Donna Howe

Critical Patriotism
by Joshua Braver

Public Broadcasting: Challenges of Structural Adaptability to Emerging Technology
by Adrienne D'Luna

Factors that Affect Japanese Sojourner Women's Use of Over the Counter, Traditional, and Pharmaceutical Prescriptions
by Natalie Warrick

Spring 2007 (Vol. 19:1, Series No. 37)

Yuppie America: Media, Marketing, and Young Urban Professionals in the 1980s
by Jenny Thai

The War Against the Pirates --A Psychological Battle for Economic Ends: Reshaping the Conception of Piracy in the Minds of British Subjects, 1690-1730
by Devin Jacob

Houseless: The Discourses of Choice and Freedom and Feeling at Home
by Darci J. Pauser

Pestilence and Princes: Epidemic Disease in the Sixteenth Century English Court
by Elizabeth Sand

Spring 2006 (Vol. 18:2, Series No. 36)

Public Health Inequalities: Local Government Practices, Processes, and Policies
by Craig L. Gertsch

The Images of Harlem and the American Dream When Langston Hughes Was 'In Vogue' and Today
by Matt Werner

Cross-Border Activism and the Han Young Labor Conflict
by Edwin Ackerman

Protection and Participation: The Role of Women in the Family and Society in Early and Middle Imperial China
by Stacy Harris

Caravan Country: The Centrality of the Silk Road
by Stacy Harris

Spring/Fall 2005 (Vol. 18:1, Series No. 35)

Lies, Damn Lies, and History: The Erasure and Flattening of Ayodhya
By Karthik Srinivasan

Will PGD Usher In A New Eugenics: A Comparison of Classical Eugenics With the Transition of Genetic Reproductive Screening Technology
By Crystal Liu

By Perin Gurel

Inhabiting the Masochist in A Nightmare on Elm Street Part 2
By Ryan Linkof

Economics, Sovereignty, and MicroPolitics: A Historiography of the Palestinian Economy, 1989-2004
By Sameer Lalwani

China's Implication in the Plight of North Korean Refugees
by Bryant Park

The Myth of the Partisan Independent: How Institutional Constraints Force Independent Voters Into Partisanship
by Adam Trigg

Fall 2004 (Vol. 17:2, Series No. 34)

"Female-to-Male Transsexual Logic of Corporeal Reappropriation"
by Leah D. Carroll

"The Bifurcation of the INS and Post-9/11 Restructuring: An Organizational Theory Analysis"
by Nima Farhadi, Sara Kani, Steven S. McCarty-Snead, Lily Toubi

"Music, Mommy, and Melos: The Spectacle of Maternal Voice in the Service of Narrative Resolution"
by Justine Suzanne Jones

"The Effects of Empathy on Reactions Toward War"
by Golnoush Monfared

Spring 2004 (Vol. 17:1, Series No. 33)

"Mothers Who Kill Their Children: Examining Factors of Infanticide in Early New England"
by Emily Chang

"'Failure' as a Strategy: Analysis of United States Textile Disputes Negotiations Inside and Outside of the World Trade Organization"
by Olga V. Kotlyarevskaya

"Sounds and Signs: Language and Music in James Joyce's Ulysses"
by Kangmin Shin

"Cleanlines, Modernism, and New York City: 1910-1930"
by Jeffrey Szeto

Fall 2003 (Vol. 16:2, Series No. 32)

"European Security: The Case of Yugoslavia"
by Sylvia Bronson

"The Equality Principle: Rethinking Class and Nature in Hardy's Novels"
by Daniel Cardozo

"The Knife, the Pen, and the Scapel: Lu Xun in Woodblock Prints"
by Margaret Mih Tillman

"Pas d'Humanite pour les Arabes: Gender constructions, Sexual Violence, and Rape During the French-Algerian War"
by Adam Zientek

Spring 2003 (Vol. 16:1, Series No. 31)

"A Time Frame of Mind: Visual Language and Buddhist Dharma Theory"
by Neil Cohn

"A Room of One's Own: Psychology of Space in Film Noir"
by Anna Dvigubski

"Treating Aids in South Africa: Past and Present Challenges"
by Eli Shalenberg

"Stuffed Geese No More: The Coming Together of Nanterre Students in 1968"
by Lyndsey Yoshino

Fall 2002 (Vol. 15:2, Series No. 30)

"The ethics of Guest Worker Programs"
by Rachel Goldbrenner

"The Phenomenology of Aesthetics"
by Steven Chan

"Reporting the News And Missing the Story"
by Tara Wilstein

Fall 2001 (Vol. 15:1, Series No. 29)

"Kid Power: Gender Formation in Elementary School Children"
by Jennifer Beahrs

"Silicon Valley's New Vietnamese Entrepreneurs"
by Tam Bui

"Bear Galls in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Declining Bear Populations"
by Sachiko Morita

"Off-Farm Employment in the Mexican Rural Sector: The Importance of Regional Context"
by Ernesto Vilchis

SPRING 2001 (VOL. 14.2) - series no. 28

"Eating and Ganas Among Mexican-Americans with Diabetes"
by China Star

"National Museum, National Identity"
by Jennifer Price

"Gun Control"
by Greg Adler

"The GMO Debate"
by Jennifer Harrington

FALL 2000 (VOL. 14.1) - series no. 27

    "Representin' the Real"
    by Nicole McIntosh

    "Portable Culture"
    by Miruna Stanica

    "Opposing the Vigilantes"
    by Jeremy Close

    "(MIS)Representing Agro-Environmental Change in Africa"
    by Aaron deGrassi

SPRING 2000 (VOL. 13.2) - series no. 26

    "The Quiet Revolution and the ICAC: The Search for Legitimacy in Hong Kong in the 60s and 70s"
    by Philip T. Thai

    "Prague as a Globalized Locality: A Capitalist Transition to Socio-Spatial Inequality"
    by Diego Valencia

    "Bruce Conner, the Beat Writers, and the Wasteland of Popular Culture"
    by Brie Mazurek

    "Standing Firm: Growth, Employment, and Redistribution (GEAR) and the Consolidation of South African Democracy"
    by David H. Stevens

FALL 1999 (VOL. 13:1) series no. 25

'Of Neither East Nor West': The Problems of Amerasian Citizenship
by Diana Yoon

The Role of Education in the Construction of Attitudes and Selves: A Study of Female Students in Rural Rajasthan
by Smitha Radhakrishnan

Contested Subjectivity: The Language of Creation in Art and Law
by Sara Kendall

SPRING 1999 (VOL. 12:2) series no. 24

The Third World Strike: A Call for Autonomy
by Michael Robert Rico

The Power of Hegemony: Universal and Particular Political Ideologies in South Africa"
by Neil G. Ruiz

The Phantom Limb(o) of Beyond: The Language and Structure in Simone Schwartz-Bart's The Bridge of Beyond and Michelle Cliff's Abeng
by S.J. Anderson

Private Spaces Reassigned: Instances of Hysteria in Northanger Abbey and Emma
by Anita Mohan

History, Normality, and the 'New Right' in Germany: Can the Past be forgotten?
by Daniel Ho

FALL 1998 VOL. 12:1 (series no. 23)

Where Talk is Cheap but Words are Cheaper: The Challenge of Enforcing Copyright in Cyperspace (Jackie Cyriac)

Reconcilable Differences: Bakhtinian Dialogics, Imagism, and Mrs. Dalloway (Jerry Vincent Fowler)

The Dimensions of Art: Author-Protagonist Conflict in Vladmir Nabokov's The Defense (Christopher Wimmer)

SPRING 1998 (VOL. 11: 2) series no. 22

Funeral Homes: Visual Rhetoric and the Evasion of Death ( David Uttal)

How the Spider Paid His Debts (David Granger)

Some Thoughts on Speaking Beyond the Spoken (Mark Weber)

The Rise of ACT-UP as a Patient Movement and Its Theoretical Implications (Manuel Leduc-Vallee)

A Machinists Revolt: The Origins and "Engineering Sense" of Rube Goldberg's First Cartoon "Inventions" (1900-1917) (Matthew Adams Axtell)

FALL 1997 VOL. 11 No. 1 (series no. 21)

The American Civil War: Explorations of Providence (Patrick Chen)

"Dissolve the Floors of Memory": T.S. Eliot, Henri Bergson, and the Question of Time (Dab Grausam)

Contesting the Boundaries of the Political: Globalization and the Practice of Democracy (Priya Kandaswamy)

SPRING 1997 VOL. 10 No. 2

Responses to Poverty in the Semi-Arid Region of Northeast Brazil (Lena Miller)

Cameroonian "Pidgin" English (Kristianna Bertelsen)

Going Solo (Kiersten Johnson)

Memory, Meaning and Time (Jose Pamintuan)

Mothers, Lovers and Others (Kate Cunnongham)

FALL 1996 VOL. 10 No. 1

The Tragic Monster: Toward a Nietzchean Grendel (Mark Pedretti)

The TransZendentalists (Jeremy Riesenfeld)

Exchange Rate Governance from Camp David to Jamaica 1971-1976 (David Rhee)

Martin & Malcolm: Different Sides of the Same Coin (Wayne Ho)

SPRING 1996 VOL. 9 No. 2

"Studied Steps": Social Positioning in Popular Dancing of the Nineteen Twenties (Christine McQuade)

The Acceptance of the Australopithecines into the Human Lineage (Christina Torres)

Policy Recommendations for Policing Sophisticated Crimes (Sergio Sarkany)

From the Caregiven to he Caregiver:False Perceptions of Grandparent Caregivers and Resulting Effects on Policy (Sumi Mehta)

"Enlightened Selfishness" Mixed with "Generous Idealism": The United States, Human Rights and the Creation of the United Nations (Sean Foley)

FALL 1995 VOL. 9 No. 1

American Porn in the 1970s: Projections of a Society in Flux (Emily Erikson)

The Calves-Head Club: Edward Ward, John Tutchin, and the Representations of

Faction in the Popular Literature of Augustun London 1702-1714 (Milo Peinemann)

The Meaning of Death and the Work of Mourning in post-World War I Cinema (Lori Schafer)

SPRING 1995 VOL. 8 No. 2

Controlling the CIA: Intelligence Oversight from Watergate to Contragate (David Turchetti)

Themes of Predestination and Free Will in Medieval Frametales of the Near East (Davis Ryman)

And a Tractor Shall Lead Them: The Illusion of City-Country Integration During the First Five-Year Plan (Matthew Lowe)

The Development of the Classical Gold Standard: A Case Study for Theories of Regime Formation (Amy Bricker)

The Depression, the War, and the Flight from Liberation Conservatism (Greg Matza)

FALL 1994 VOL. 8 No. 1

"The Lust to Be a Viewpoint": On the Primacy of the Gaze in a Narcissistic Paradigm (Ryan Johnson)

Resistance to De-Coding: Chinese Experimental Fiction (Jing Tsu)

Capitalizing on the Gene: Two Models of Bio-Social Discourse (Katherine Lederer)

Protest, Public Image, and the Press: The Native American Occupation of Alcatraz, 1969-1971 (Matt Geis)

SPRING 1994 VOL. 7 No. 2

Deconstruction of the Gypsy Myth in the Second Empire (Monique Nowicki)

Seizing the Stage of Discourse: The Theatrical Character of the Student Movement at Berkeley in the Sixties (Todd Weinman)

Reference and International Content: A Critique of John Searle on "Latent Internalism" (Alexis Teeters)

From Stonewall to Rock Bottom: The Fractured Relationship Between the Gay and Lesbian and African-American Communities (Tony Shorney)

FALL 1993 VOL 7 No.1

Allegories of Love: Fictions of Gender and Sexuality in the Middle English Lyrics of MS Harley (Jim Hinch)

Killing them Twice: "Comfort Women" revisited (Laura Elizabeth Wong)

What You Hear is What You Remember: The Voice of Toni Morrison's Jazz (Diane Helen Matlock)

If Arms Be Their Choice: American Relations with the Barbary Coast, 1786-1805 (Philip Barilovits)

Laudable Emulations and Novel Transfigurations: Pamela as a Source and Inspiration for Jane Eyre (Carol Weaver-Madsen)

SPRING 1993 VOL. 6 No. 2

Capturing Divinity: Sacred Art and the Athena Parthenos (Naomi Leite)

From the Village to the Front: Cambodian Peasants and Revolution, 1970-1975 (Justin Horner)

Little Brown Brother: The Bitter Legacy of the Crimean Tatars (Alexy Kochowiec)

We Have Saved Our Words: Voices of Resistance in Catalan Poetry 1939-1951 (Jim Carpenter)

FALL 1992 VOL. 6 No. 1

Reactionary Conservatism and the Hollywood Western Boom (1946-1952) (Jesse Moss)

Organizational Controls and Expressions of Resistance: Seasonal Work in Alaskan Seafood Processing Plants (Sherry K. Holbrook)

Evil, Suffering, and God-Concepts in Christianity and Hinduism (Katherine McGregor)

The Monster Within: Form and Meaning in the Ritual of Horror (Andrew Lakoff)

Women in Development: Rhetoric and Reality (Tania Rands)

SPRING 1992 VOL. 5 No. 2

Divine Hatred: Meir Kahane and American Jewry (Jeffery Jacobson)

Which Witch is Which? Changing Images of Witches is Twentieth-Century Children's Literature (Kelly Schrum)

Spanish Minority Nationalism: The Emergence of the Periphery as a Political Force (Andrew Sommer)

Resolving the Present: The Western Landscapes of Bierstadt, Jackson and Moran (Emily Cooke)

The New Utility of Nature, 1880-1925 (Jay Chamberlin)

FALL 1991 VOL. 5 No. 1

Boomerangs of Color (Victor Bascara)

Reflections of Style: Willis Jefferson Polk and the Hallidie Building (Jack Alton Thorpe III)

New Age Capitalism (Karen Backstrand)

Hispano Creativity of Tradition: Nuevo Mexicano Poesia y su paso (Steven Galvez)

Politics and Photomontage: A Comparison of the Works of John Heartfield and Gustav Klutsis (Nick Chapman)

SPRING 1991 VOL. 4 No. 2

Gender and Genre: Patriarchal Ideology and the Nude in Avant-Garde Painting (Nick Chapman)

The Sage and the Hare: Nature and the Rise of the State in Early China (Shawn Van Ausdal)

Silent Conformity or Alternate Reality (Kinnari Shah)

The Preservation of Power: Reconstruction in Georgia, 1865-75 (Elizabeth Gessel)

Retelling the Tale of La Malinche in Ana Castillo's "Ghost Talk" (Catherine Sue Ramirez)

Hetch Hetchy: A Mere Depression Between Hills (Marcy Norton)

FALL 1990 VOL. 4 No. 1

What's in a Name? (Jennifer Drayton)

Italian Fascism (Tim Brown)

Memory and Forgetting: The Modern Disease (Deborah Treisman)

Imaging the Inner World of the Other (Richard Grant)

The Development and Potential of Reservation Bingo (Paul Lynd)

In Defense of Molly Bloom (Lara Hutner)

Voices Behind the Front (Monica Rico)

SPRING 1990 VOL. 3 No. 2 

The Takeover Binge of the 1980s: Hollow Fulfillment of Frenzied Desires (Jon Provisor)

Silence to Self Expression: A Development of Voice in Chicana Literature (Julie Ruiz)

Homecoming in the Odyssey and the Aeneid (Leslie Haggin)

Reflecting on the Chinese Democracy Movement (Ted Pritikin)

La Oracion es la Expresion de un Juicio: A Profile of a Poet in Exile (Claudio Enrique Durán Pardo)

FALL 1989 VOL. 3 No. 1

Our Collective Intentionality (Frances K. Wang)

"The War Spared No One": The Individual and the Spanish Civil War (Kirsten Schultz)

Race and Ethnic Experience in the US and Japan: Development of My Identity (Miki Fujiwara)

'Almond Branches in Blossom' and the Van Gogh Literature (Joel Smith)

'That Man Doesn't Know How to Finish a Story": Molly's Final Word on Ulysses (Norah Ashe)

SPRING 1989 VOL. 2 NO. 2

Creating Americans: Early Eighteenth Century Schoolbooks (Amy Sophia Greenberg)

The Rhetoric of Nineteenth-Century American Landscape Painting (Sheri Shirey McNear)

The Road to Freedom: One Man's Story (Barbara C. McClain)

The Grotesque in Chicano Fiction: Two Novels (Eduardo Muñoz)

The Causes of the Bullionest Policies of Henry IV (Mark Sigurd Newmark)

BART: Doomed from the Start? (Michael Popkin)

'The Making Good Again': The Human Consequences of German War Reparations to Jewish Survivors (Evelyn Lanner)

FALL 1988 VOL. 1 NO. 2 Out of Print

SPRING 1988 VOL. 1 NO. 1

United States Foreign Policy in Guatemala: 1954, The Contradiction of American Ideals (Katherine S. Wurtz)

Twenty Questions, Two Answers on the University Art Museum (Joanne Kelley)

Mary and the Modern Woman: Cuban Women in the Republic and the Revolution (Sally Haiken)

The California State Lottery: Winners and Losers (Jacqueline Scott)

Israeli Arms Exports: A No Win Situation (Susan Schneider)