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Welcome to The Berkeley Undergraduate Journal. Established in 1987, the Berkeley Undergraduate Journal is a publication of exceptional undergraduate academic papers from the social sciences and humanities at UC Berkeley. Run by and for students, we operate from the Office of Undergraduate Research.

The Journal offers undergraduates the chance to express their ideas to a broader, university-wide, audience. By publishing scholarly work from a variety of disciplines and by collaborating with university faculty, administration, and student authors, the Journal integrates into discussion the diverse discourses of our university's intellectual community. In doing so, we seek to demonstrate the strength of undergraduate scholarship at Berkeley. The Journal serves undergraduates in yet another dimension by enabling student editors to hone their skills by reviewing, editing, and publishing articles under their own direction.

As of Fall 2008 published articles will be placed on major scholarly databases such as Google Scholar.

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Please direct questions to the Editor-in-Chief: . Please do NOT contact this e-mail for submissions questions, as this reveals your identity to the editorial board and thus negates the policy of blind submissions.


Spring 2015 Volume 28, Issue 1 has been published!

Available at:


In This Issue:

Talking Past Each Other: The Diverging Moral Foundations of the Contemporary Gun Debate
Cook, Edgar Valentine

A Reactive Engineer: Japanese History Textbooks and the Construction of National Identity (1900-1926)
Ma, Yu-Han

Bombing the Tomb: Memorial Portraiture and Street Art in Revolutionary Cairo
Main, Kelly Leilani

People Are Talking About BUJ

"When we honor the University of California, we celebrate with good reason its academic renown, its impressive list of Nobel Laureates, its contributions to the sciences and the humanities.... Whatever the high rankings of Berkeley's graduate schools, the undergraduates remain the principal strength of the University; the curiosity they bring to the classroom and the culture of discourse in which they participate is its life blood. In that spirit, I welcome Berkeley Undergraduate Journal, as a means of preserving and extending the commitment of Berkeley students to intellectual inquiry, to asking the most uncomfortable questions, to insulting proprieties, to questioning and shaking beliefs, institutions and systems of long standing, and, if necessary, to disturbing the peace. Of the many traditions of this campus, these are the most precious, and I expect this journal to advance and nourish them."

--Professor Leon F. Litwack, Morrison Professor of History


Now accepting submissions for the Berkeley Undergraduate Journal Spring 2016 volume.

UC Berkeley current students and recent graduates eligible.

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February 22nd, 2016 Online


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